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Wearable Art: Contemporary Jewelry Designers

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This section showcases some of the world's premiere artisans in the field of modern contemporary jewelry design. Luminaries in the field include the Munsteiners, Michael Zobel, Gellner, Barbara Heinrich, Todd Reed, Carolyn Morris Bach, Sydney Lynch, Petra Class, and a host of others. Their work shows and attention to detail and age-old craftsmanship that epitomizes the profession. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do!

Contemporary Jewelry Designers

Jewellery Designers - Todd Reed

Todd Reed

Challenging the notion of "perceived value" Todd Reed sets raw, unpolished, diamonds next to their polished and faceted counterparts, To honor their "perfect geometry," Todd will feature larger rough diamonds in their natural octahedral cubic, or macle shapes; "I want it to look like it was just dug out of the dirt." Todd's studio is in Boulder, Colorado.


Jewellery Designers - Barbara Heinrich

Barbara Heinrich

Barbara Heinrich was born in Heilbronn, Germany, where as a child she created necklaces out of "dyed noodles, dried in the sun," along with "pods, snail shells and broken glass." Barbara's work still has this natural feel, balancing hard geometric lines against "flowing organic shapes." Barbara Heinrich studio in Rochester, New York was established in 1986.


Jewellery Designers - Carolyn Morris Bach

Carolyn Morris Bach

Carolyn Morris Bach uses fossilized ivory, bone, and dendric-quartz in combination with precious and semiprecious stone to create her whimsical, yet primitive jewelry. Carolyn lives and works in the remote woodlands of Southern Rhode Island, and has been making jewelry for over 25 years.


Jewellery Designers - Gellner


Gellner, like Kokichi Mikimoto, is a name that is synonymous with pearls. Started by Heinz Gellner in 1967, the Gellner 'brand' has been run by Joerg Gellner since 1996. Gellner frequently collaborates with jewelers like Michael Zobel for their clasp designs. The Gellner studio is located in Wiernsheim, in the state of Baden-Wčrttemberg, Germany.


Jewellery Designers - Sydney Lynch

Sydney Lynch

After growing up in rural Connecticut, Sydney worked on a Navajo Reservation during her college years, where she "fell in love" with the wester landscape. After receiving her BFA at the University of Colorado, she moved to Nebraska to start her jewelry career. Her love of earth's natural forms and contours is reflected in the organic lines of her work.

Sydney Lynch

Jewellery Designers - Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham's design work draws its inspiration from nature, and each product line reflects its native source: Conifer, Stepping Stones, Oyster, Rattle Snake, etc. After 2 years training under a master goldsmith and 6 years working as a bench-jeweler she started Sarah Graham Metalsmithing in 2000. Sarah's studio is in La Quinta, California.


Jewellery Designers - Andy Cooperman

Andy Cooperman

Andy says about himself: "I have considered myself a metalsmith since 1980." After a second major in Studio Art, Andy explored the "very similar field of dental crown and bridge manufacture" but ultimately settled on jewelry. Andy's studio is located in Seattle, Washington.


Jewellery Designers - Petra Class

Petra Class

Petra Class was trained as a silversmith in Germany, working in the "European tradition of applied art." After several years of developing his own "sense of contemporary aesthetique," he has freed his imagination, with his latest work reflecting his fascination with colored materials; "one can almost paint with these stones." Petra's studio is in San Francisco.


Jewellery Designers - Michael Zobel

Michael Zobel

In a career that has spanned over three decades, Michael Zobel has consistently produced some of the boldest and most original jewelry of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. A prolific designer, his museum quality jewelry reflects his charismatic personality as well as his cultural roots from Morocco and Europe ...read more

Michael Zobel

Jewellery Designers - Atelier Munsteiner

Atelier Munsteiner

Bernd Munsteiner "the Picasso of gems," is the patriarch of the Munsteiner gem-cutting family, which includes his son Tom and daughter Jutta. Together, they make up one of the leading fantasy gem-cutting Ateliers in the world ...read more


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