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Diamond Inclusion Photos: Cloud Inclusions

Diamond Internal Cloud Inclusion Photography

Cloud Inclusions (Cld) within a diamond are caused by a tightly packed grouping of tiny pinpoints that resemble clouds or cloudiness. Internal cloud inclusions may not resolve as pinpoints at 10X Magnification. These pinpoint cloud inclusions can have a dramatic effect on the clarity and brilliance of a faceted diamond as they interfere with the refraction of light within the stone.

Cloud Diamond Inclusions 1

Cloud Picque Diamond Inclusions 2

Diamond Cloud Inclusions 3

Cloud Picque Diamond Inclusions 4

Diamond Cloud Inclusions 5

Diamond Cloud Inclusion under UV Light.

Cloud Diamond Inclusions

Cloud Inclusion under Long-Wave Light.

Cloud Diamond Inclusions

Cloud Inclusion under Fluorescent Light.

Cloud Diamond Inclusions

All of the microscopic diamond cloud inclusion photography on this page was generously contributed by the AGSL gemological testing laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is reproduced with their permission.

Microscopic diamond inclusion photography by Joe Vanells, Director of Gem Services at AGSL. No reproduction without written permission from AGSL - All rights reserved.

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