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Diamond Mines of the World: Active Diamond Mines

Worldwide Distribution of Diamond Mines

List of Active Diamond Mines

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Currently there are eleven major 'diamond producing' nations, and a host of other counties with operational and/or historic alluvial, open pit, and hard rock diamond mines. There are also several African nations with ongoing off-shore dredging/vacuming operations.

These lists also contains new project explorations, mining operator info, mining industry inside news, links to satellite images of the mines (where available), and any relevant geographic data.

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  1. Catoca Diamond Mine: Fourth largest diamond mine in world. Kimberlite pipe. map
  2. Fucauma Diamond Mine: Newly constructed. Owned by Endiama (40%) & Trans Hex (35%).
  3. Luarica Diamond Mine: Owned by Endiama (38%) & Trans Hex (32%).
  4. Luzamba Diamond Mine: Angola's largest alluvial mine, Endiama (50%), Odebrecht (50%). map


  1. Damtshaa Diamond Mine: (water for a tortoise) New open pit mine. De Beers / Botswana. map
  2. Jwaneng Diamond Mine: (place of small stones) richest mine in world. De Beers/Botswana. map
  3. Letlhakane Diamond Mine: ("little reeds") second oldest of four - De Beers / Botswana. map
  4. Orapa Diamond Mine: (resting place for lions) Largest/oldest of four - DeBeers/Botswana. map

Congo (DROC or RDC)

  1. Bakwanga Mine: (aka Bushima•e, Lubilash) Alluvial river mines in Kasa•. MIBA. map
  2. ForminiŹre Diamond Mine: Alluvial mine located on the River Tshikapa, in Kasa• - closed. map


  1. Letseng Diamond Mine: Open-cast mine in Maluti Mountains 70 km from Mokhotlong. map


  1. Elizabeth Bay Mine: Open-cast mine in Namib desert, south of Lźderitz. Namdeb. map
  2. Orange River (Daberas) Mines: Orange River alluvium. Namdeb Namib Gov. map
  3. Marine Mining: Namco Mining operates a dredging fleet off the west coast of Namibia. map

Sierra Leone

  1. Magna Egoli Mine: Largest mechanized mine in Sierra Leone. Waldman Resources, Israel. map
  2. Koidu-Sefadu Mines: Subsistence digging in alluvium pits west of Koidu. map
  3. Koidu Open Pit Mines: Kimberlite open-pit mines just south of Koidu. map

South Africa

  1. Baken Diamond Mine: Located along Orange River in North Cape, So Africa. Trans Hex. map
  2. Cullinan Diamond Mine: Open Pit/Hard Rock diamond mine owned by De Beers. map
  3. Finsch Diamond Mine: Finsch is an open-pit mine near Lime Acres, De Beers operated. map
  4. Kimberley Diamond Mine: Started in 1871, the Kimberley Open Pits closed in 2005. map
  5. Koffiefontein Diamond Mine: The Koffiefontein mine opened in 1870. Closed in 2006. map
  6. The Oaks Diamond Mine: In Limpopo province. Open-pit mine De Beers operated. map
  7. Venetia Diamond Mine: Limpopo, produces over 40% of world's gem-quality diamonds. map


  1. Williamson Diamond Mine: (aka Mwadui mine) Open Pit mine. 75% De Beers ownership map


  1. Murowa Diamond Mine: Open Pit & Underground mine. 75% De Beers ownership. map
  2. River Ranch Diamond Mine: Open Pit & Underground mine. 75% De Beers ownership. map


East Kimberley

  1. Argyle Diamond Mine: Largest producer in world, mostly industrial grade. Rio Tinto. map


Cempaka/Riam Kanan, South Kalimantan

  1. Cempaka Diamond Mines: Alluvials mined by indigenous artisanal Kalimantan miners. map


North West Territories (NWT)

  1. Diavik Diamond Mine: The Diavik diamond mine is located in the NWT. map
  2. Ekati Diamond Mine: Canada's first diamond mining operation, located in NWT. map


Madhya Pradesh

  1. Panna Diamond Mine: Alluvial mine in state of Madhya Pradesh. map



  1. Aikhal GOK Mine: Three open-pit kimberlite pipe mines: Aikhal, Jubilee, and Sytykan. map
  2. Anabar GOK Mine: The norther most location of Russia's diomond mines. map
  3. Jubilee (Yubileinaya) Mine: Newer open-pit kimberlite mine near Udachny. Alrosa.
  4. Mirna Mine: Largest diamond deposit in Russia and one of the largest in the world. map
  5. Udachnaya (Udachny) Pipe Mine: One of the deepest diamond mines in the world. map

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