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Wearable Art: Modern Jewelry Designers

Modern Jewelry Designers

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This page provides information and links to some of the world's premiere artisans in the field of minimalist, modern contemporary jewellery design. Luminaries in the field include Niessing, Steven Kretchmer, Michael Sugarman, Niki Kavakonis, Uta Knoop, Etienne Perret, and Bettina & Thomas Weidemann. Their bold architectural designs of stainless steel, titanium, palladium, and precious metals are sculpted into modern clean designs will remain timeless classics.

These renown jewelry designers use bold architectural designs of stainless steel, titanium, palladium, and precious metals, which are sculpted into modern clean designs that will remain timeless classics.

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Jewellery Designers - Steven Kretchmer

Steven Kretchmer - Tension Jewelry

Famed metallurgist, Steven Kretchmer of New York holds several recent patents for his advanced techniques in heat-treating alloys to increase strength and elasticity. Sadly, Steven was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2006, but his firm continues to manufacture his designs to the same exacting standards.


Jewellery Designers - Niessing

Niessing - Tension Jewelry

The German firm of Niessing in Vreden, Germany was the original developer of the 'tension-setting' back in the 1960s. Niessing's jewelry designs are sold worlwide. Due to the enormous pressure that these settings create on the stone, only diamonds, diamond simulants, ruby and sapphire can be used.


Jewellery Designers - Niki Kavakonis Designs

Niki Kavakonis Designs

Canadian jewelry designer Niki Kavakonis' "architectural" style was influence from her doctoral studies in Art, and Architectural History. The cantilevered design motif used in her "Tip of the Iceberg" ring (pictured) was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, and features an uncut 2.78ct octahedral Ekati diamond set in Palladium.


Jewellery Designers - Abrasha Studio

Abrasha Studio - Contemporary Metal Jewelry

Abrasha is a renowned metal artist who was born in the Netherlands, and schooled at the 'Gold-Smithing School' or Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim, Germany. Abrasha uses CAD to design some of his hand-fabricated pieces, alloying his own metals. Abrasha's studio is located in San Francisco.


Jewellery Designers - Michael Sugarman

Michael Sugarman

A native of Northern California, Michael works under the company name of 'Sugarman-Frantz Designs,' located in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Michael's distinctive shaped earrings are cast as hollow to reduce their weight, while looking completely solid. His signature 'style' is very lyrical, owing to his musical background.


Jewellery Designers - Uta Knoop

Uta Knoop Schmuckdesign

Uta Knoop schmuckdesign uses multi-colored gossamer filaments connected to Calder-like discs which create a delicate, and futuristic cascading effect. Uta Knoop's studio is located in DŸsseldorf, Germany.


Jewellery Designers - Bettina & Thomas Weidemann

Bettina & Thomas Weidemann - Tendenzen Goldschmiede

Bettina & Thomas Weidemann began in 1986, as goldsmiths and contemporary jewelry designers in Norderstedt, Germany near Hamburg. Their design studio (goldschmiede) is named Tendenzen, or "Tendencies."


Jewellery Designers - Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret holds a Bachelor of fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and a graduate gemologists degree from the Gemological institute of America. Etienne's work can be viewed in fine retail stores such as Nordstrom, Birks of Canada, and Mikimoto. His studio is located in Camden, Maine.


Jewellery Designers - Patrick Malotki

Patrick Malotki

Patrick Malotki is an American jewelry designer who was trained in Fine Art at the Northern Arizona University, and HFG Pforzheim, Germany. With his minimalist designs such as his "Crackle" tension ring, Malotki's "forms are reduced to a minimum in order to most simply and harmoniously present my ideas."

Jewellery Designers - Heiko Schrem

Heiko Schrem

Heiko Schrem Schmuckatelier Atelier fŸr Gestaltung in Elchingen Neu-Ulm (Bavaria), Germany, designs and fabricates modern contemporary jewelry from Stainless Steel, gold, platinum, and diamonds, in three distinct collections ("Wave Collection" shown).


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