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Protection Gems: 11 (Best) Crystals For Guarding Energy!
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All About Gemstones

Best Crystals for Protection

Discover the Power of Crystals for Guarding Energy

Hey, do you sometimes feel like you need a little extra protection from the world? Well, you’re in luck! Mother Earth has bestowed upon us enchanting gifts such as moonstone jewelry and shungite amulets, each known for their energy-guarding prowess. 

Moonstone, with its mystical allure, is celebrated for fostering harmony and offering protection, akin to a nurturing embrace against life’s uncertainties. Shungite, a lustrous mineral stone, is revered for its purifying properties, forming a robust shield against pollutants and absorbing adverse vibrations.

Crystals like black tourmaline are also adored for their capacity to create a protective barrier around the user, effectively repelling negativity and deflecting harmful electromagnetic frequencies. 

Learning about the properties of citrine could lead you to discover its potential to bring joy and deflect negative energy, acting as your personal energy sentinel.

Imagine having your own superhero stone that’s also really pretty to look at – that’s what the best protection crystals, garnished with virtues of elements like pyrite and peridot, can epitomize. 

Not only does amethyst serve as an energy-cleansing warrior, but embedding selenite in your living space can act as a potent purifying force, radiating tranquility and fostering an atmosphere of serenity and robustness.

Moreover, integrating the high vibrations of turquoise into your environment or wardrobe not only enhances the aura of protection but also bolsters immunity, as this vibrant stone carries immune-boosting qualities.

Thus, like an amulet, these crystals come with the twin advantage of magnifying the healing energy within you and nurturing an ambiance brimming with vitality and harmony.

best crystals for protection

Why Choose Alternative Protection Gems?

You might be wondering, “Why not just stick with the usual stuff to stay safe? 

Sure, things like locks and alarms are great, but alternative protection gems such as the properties of pyrite as a mineral integrate a layer of energy-based defense. 

They’re not just another set of keys to remember – they’re more like invisible bodyguards that take care of your spirit.

When you choose crystals as protectors, you’re tapping into the Earth’s natural energies. 

Incorporating stones like moonstone and chalcedony can enhance your sense of neutrality and stability. 

Plus, they’re super easy to keep with you – you can wear them, carry them, or pop them in your room. 

And the gemstone that often garners attention for its radiant energy is citrine jewelry, known to invigorate assertiveness and self-love. 

So, as you ward off external negativity, the essence of these crystals might even help in overcoming addiction. 

The best part? They look amazing! You get to boost your energy and style at the same time. 

Why not give these sparkly sidekicks a try and revel in both their esthetic and esoteric benefits?

protective gemstones

Best Protection Gemstones and their Significance

Black Tourmaline: The Ultimate Shield

Do you want the best buddy in the crystal world to keep you safe? Meet Black Tourmaline, the superhero stone! Known for its powerful properties black tourmaline offers, it’s the ultimate guardian against negative vibes. 

Think of it as your personal bodyguard that doesn’t take breaks, with the added benefit of neutralizing pollutants.

Here’s why it rocks:

  • It’s super protective: Black Tourmaline is like a security guard for your vibes, known to even deter the harmful effects of radiation.
  • Grounding: It prevents you from drifting into anxious thoughts and helps you stay grounded and calm.
  • Energy cleaner: It’s like a broom, sweeping away the bad stuff from you and your other crystals, ensuring a purified environment.

Top 5 features:

  1. Super shielding powers against both metaphysical and physical pollutants
  2. Snazzy black color that goes with everything
  3. Good for cleaning other gemstones
  4. Fantastic at fostering a sense of security
  5. Helps turn negative thoughts into peaceful ones

Five benefits:

  • Helps you maintain a zen-like calm, even when life gets chaotic
  • Boosts your confidence by keeping away negative energy
  • Makes any space feel more secure and comforting
  • Keops your other valued crystals, such as spirit quartz protection stone, clean and potent
  • Helps you stand strong during tough times

Two cons:

  • Might feel too heavy or serious for some vibe-seekers
  • The black color can hide its beauty, unlike the visually striking crystals

Who it’s best for:

Black Tourmaline is perfect for those in high-stress roles or environments, providing unmatched protection and grounding.

It’s excellent for anyone requiring a steadfast energy guard, especially in spaces that are prone to electromagnetic pollutants or other energetic disturbances.

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Helping to deflect and transform negative energy, dispel fears and obsessions, and restore emotional stability and peace.

Amethyst: The Spiritual Protector

Amethyst is like the wise guru of crystals that people turn to for spiritual safety.

With its natural properties amethyst stones hold, it’s like having a purple peace bubble around you!

This crystal, renowned for its healing properties, is perfect for keeping bad dreams away and promoting serenity in your life.

It’s a top pick for those who want to nurture a sense of calm and grow their inner zen garden.

Why Amethyst is a total gem:

  • Spiritual bodyguard: The amethyst stone stands guard against negative energies with its protective aura.
  • Peace promoter: It’s a pro at turning your stress dial way down, enhancing tranquility.
  • Dreamy sleep aid: Known for banishing nightmares, ensuring restful slumber.

Top 5 features:

  1. Gorgeous purple color that emits a vibe of calmness.
  2. Creates a barrier against negative influences, fostering a positive environment.
  3. Encourages clarity of thought and inner peace.
  4. A meditation favorite that aids in connecting with your spiritual side.
  5. Remarkable in supporting the breaking of bad habits through its grounding properties.

Five benefits:

  • Offers crystal-clear cognition, like a sky with no clouds.
  • Prepares you to tackle the day with vibrance and vitality.
  • Provides a comforting embrace to the spirit, instilling warmth within.
  • Empowers you to master your anxieties rather than be overwhelmed by them.
  • Transforms your space into a sanctuary, your very own tranquil retreat.

Two cons:

  • May carry a higher price tag depending on its size and purity.
  • Might be overly soothing for those seeking a more energetically charged crystal.

Who it’s best for:

The amethyst stone is the ideal companion for individuals looking to soothe their minds or ascend in their spiritual journey.

It’s superb for anyone seeking to decompress before bedtime or desiring to keep their personal haven a blissful bubble.

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Obsidian: Shield against negative energy

Obsidian is like a secret agent in the crystal world.

Super cool in black and always ready to protect you from the bad guys.

It’s like a protective bubble that keeps icky vibes out.

This crystal is a boss at making sure you’re not only safe from energy that doesn’t feel good, but it also keeps your headspace nice and clean.

Why Obsidian is totally awesome:

  • Energy vacuum cleaner: It sucks up bad energy so you don’t have to deal with it.
  • Psychic shield: Think of it as an invisible force field around your thoughts.
  • Truth magnifier: Helps you see things as they really are, even when it’s hard.

Top 5 features:

  1. Shiny and smooth like a piece of the night sky
  2. Super strong protection powers against negative stuff
  3. Makes your brain feel extra clear and sparkly
  4. Helps you find your inner tough cookie
  5. Really good at helping you heal your heart from ouchies

Five benefits:

  • Makes you feel safe like you’re wrapped in a cozy, invisible blanket
  • Boosts your confidence because you’re not carrying around bad vibes
  • Helps you see things that might be hidden, like a detective
  • Makes your feelings heal up faster when they hurt
  • Lets your own awesome energy shine because the heavy stuff is gone

Two cons:

  • Can bring up tough truths you might not feel ready for
  • Might be too intense for those new to the crystal scene

Who it’s best for:

Obsidian is the go-to for people who need serious vibe protection or have some deep thinking to do about life.

It’s like a strong friend who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.


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Clear Quartz: Amplifying protective energies

Clear Quartz is like the captain of the crystal team! It makes good vibes stronger and sends icky ones packing.

Revered for its crystal healing abilities, Clear Quartz is adept at enhancing spiritual growth and providing healing energies for an all-around purifying experience.

It’s super good at creating a safe space around you, offering clarity and cleansing negative influence, like you’ve got your very own force field.

Imagine being able to turn up the volume on all the happy thoughts and chill feelings.

Clear Quartz is like your personal happy-thoughts DJ.

Why people think Clear Quartz rocks:

  • Good vibes booster: It’s the best crystal for amplifying positivity and turning up the good stuff real high.
  • Negativity bouncer: Dispels negativity and maintains a strong protection against negative energies to keep the no-thank-you vibes out.
  • Energy cleaner: Selenite-like in its ability, Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal for cleansing – it’s like a sparkle wash for your soul.

Top 5 features:

  1. Looks like a piece of ice that never melts
  2. Works like a megaphone for your positive thoughts, promoting clarity and positive decision-making abilities.
  3. Makes other crystals around it even cooler by recharging them with its cleansing energy.
  4. Super easy to find, so starting your crystal collection is a breeze
  5. It’s like having a recharge station for your everyday energy and grounding.

Five benefits:

  • Makes you feel like you’re the star of your own happy movie
  • It’s got your back, like your own personal cheerleader for massively enhancing your emotional healing and stability.
  • Cleans out dusty old energy, promoting inner peace, so you feel all shiny inside
  • Any crystal collection feels fancy with it part of the team
  • Helps you focus on what you really want out of life by enhancing courage and self-confidence

Two cons:

  • Needs regular purification to maintain its protective qualities effectively and keep it at its sparkly best.
  • So popular, it might feel a bit ordinary to some crystal buffs—even though it offers exceptional benefits in crystal healing.

Who it’s best for:

Clear Quartz is a fab choice for anybody, whether they’re just starting with crystals or they have a bunch already.

It’s especially cool for anyone who wants to amplify their life’s happiness and provide strong protection against psychic energies, effectively turning the joy in their life up to eleven!

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Hematite: Grounding and protective stone

Hematite is like the yoga master of crystals, it helps you stay super grounded and chill.

Envision this scenario: you’re walking through a whirlwind of chaos, emails flying, phones buzzing, deadlines looming.

Hematite is your personal guardian, providing a grounding force that keeps you centered amidst the turmoil.

Its properties hematite are renowned for their ability to create stability, both energetic and emotional.

Plus, with its superb shielding capabilities, hematite is adept at bouncing any negative energy sent your way.

Why you’d want Hematite as your crystal pal:

  • Rock-solid grounding: This stone taps into the Earth’s stability, offering you an unwavering sense of balance.
  • Energy mirror: Just like a reflective surface, hematite sends negativity back to its origin—a boomerang effect for bad vibes.
  • Mental de-fogger: When your thoughts feel like a tangled mess, hematite helps untie the knots and clear your cognitive pathways.

Top 5 features:

  1. Its lustrous sheen and metallic finish impart rock star glam.
  2. Hematite acts as an anchor, instilling serenity and a cool composure.
  3. It reflects negativity, maintaining a positive space around you.
  4. Enhances mental clarity, dispersing the cloudiness of an overworked mind.
  5. Boosts your confidence, mirroring the resolute strength of the stone.

Five benefits:

  • Maintains your cool in the bedlam of everyday life.
  • Elevates self-esteem, providing a sensation of security.
  • Moderates stress levels, facilitating a tranquil mindset.
  • Fosters a peaceful state, harmonizing your heart and mind chakra.
  • Empowers you to confront challenges with newfound bravery.

Two cons:

  • Its density makes it less portable than lighter stones.
  • Some may find it aesthetically subdued compared to flashier crystals.

Who it’s best for:

Hematite is ideal for the scatterbrained or those seeking a tangible sense of grounding.

It’s a boon for students, overwhelmed parents, or anyone in the grips of stress who yearns for that steadfast, stone-wrought support system.

With its renowned healing properties, hematite also aligns with the overarching goal of wellness, helping to realign and activate the chakra system for holistic health.

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Black Onyx: For emotional and physical strength

Black Onyx is like having your very own superhero cape.

It’s a toughness trainer that gives you an emotional workout so you can flex your inner strength muscles.

This crystal keeps your energy tank full, so you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way, like a boss!

Totally cool facts about Black Onyx:

  • Strength coach: It’s like hitting the gym but for your willpower.
  • Bad vibe blocker: Keeps you safe from energy that brings you down.
  • Stress squasher: Helps you stay cool when things heat up.

Top 5 features:

  1. Glossy and sleek, it’s like wearing a piece of the night.
  2. Packs a punch against negative energy.
  3. Helps you keep a clear head during tough times.
  4. Stands by your side when you need to be your strongest.
  5. Acts like an extra battery for when your energy is low.

Five benefits:

  • Gives you a steady vibe that helps you face big challenges.
  • Protects your happy bubble, so nothing bursts it.
  • Lets you meditate deeper, so you can discover your power.
  • Makes tough times feel a bit softer.
  • Helps turn your nerves of spaghetti into steel.

Two cons:

  • Can feel a bit serious or heavy for some folks.
  • Not as shiny and sparkly as some other gemstones.

Who it’s best for:

Black Onyx is a match for anyone going through changes or who needs to build up their willpower.

It’s like having a best friend who’s always telling you “You’ve got this!” – ideal for students, athletes, or anyone stepping up their game.

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Tiger’s Eye: For protection during travel

Tiger’s Eye is like your trusty travel buddy that’s always ready for an adventure.

It’s the stone you want in your pocket when you’re hitting the road or flying high in the skies.

Not only does it look super cool with stripes that seem to dance in the light, but it also gives you bravery and keeps you feeling strong inside.

Why Tiger’s Eye is like a cool tour guide for life:

  • Travel champ: It’s known for being great luck when you’re on the go.
  • Courage giver: It’s like a motivational speech in a rock.
  • Focus finder: Helps you concentrate on the awesome stuff.

Top 5 features:

  1. Shiny, banded look that’s totally eye-catching
  2. Gives a boost to your inner lion – rawr!
  3. Keeps you from getting frazzled when you’re out and about
  4. Pretty much a good luck charm you can carry
  5. Helps make your mind as sharp as its stripes

Five benefits:

  • Keeps the travel jitters away, so you can enjoy the trip
  • Makes you feel like you’ve got your very own protective shield
  • Helps you get through long trips without flipping your lid
  • Gives you the guts to stand up tall, no matter where you are
  • Keeps your thoughts as neat as your packing

Two cons:

  • Some people might not dig the less-flashy color palette.
  • It’s tough, but not the toughest stone, so you gotta treat it nicely.

Who it’s best for:

Tiger’s Eye is awesome for explorers, students studying abroad, or really anyone who’s going on a big trip.

It’s also a cool pick for people who could use some extra confidence to face the world with their head held high.

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Smoky Quartz: For grounding and clearing unwanted energies

Smoky Quartz is like your personal chill-out rock. Its cool brown color is like chocolate for your soul,  comforting and grounding.

It’s a great gem for anyone who wants to clear out the bad vibes and just relax.

Think of it as your own little vacuum cleaner for energy that doesn’t make you feel good.

Why Smoky Quartz is pretty much amazing:

  • Negativity zapper: It tells bad energy to take a hike.
  • Stress reliever: Helps you let go of what’s bugging you.
  • Balance bringer: Keeps you standing strong, no matter what.

Top 5 features:

  1. Ranges from light smoke to deep brown, rocking that earthy look.
  2. Sends negative vibes packing, no return ticket.
  3. Helps you stay cool, calm, and collected.
  4. Great for making a safe, cozy vibe anywhere.
  5. Reliable like your favorite hoodie – it’s got your back.

Five benefits:

  • Makes a little bubble of peace so you can breathe easy.
  • Keeps your thoughts and feelings from tipping over.
  • Gives you the superpower of not letting things get to you.
  • Perfect for a stress-free zone at home or work.
  • Helps your other crystal friends stay clean and clear too.

Two cons:

  • If you’re all about bright colors, it might seem a bit dull.
  • Needs a good cleaning often to stay in tip-top shape.

Who it’s best for:

Smoky Quartz is a winner for anyone who wants to keep their feet on the ground, especially when life’s a whirlwind.

It’s top-notch for folks who need to transform stress into peace, whether they’re at home, work, or just out and about.

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Lapis Lazuli: For general protection and enlightenment

Lapis Lazuli is like your mentor in the form of a crystal.

It’s not just a pretty blue stone; it’s full of wisdom vibes that protect you from getting bogged down by the not-so-good stuff.

Plus, it’s all about giving your communication skills a big boost so you can say what you mean without getting tangled up.

Here’s the scoop on Lapis Lazuli:

  • Wisdom whisperer: Helps you get super smart about protecting your energy.
  • Speak easy: Makes it simpler for you to chat about the tough things.
  • Enlightenment enabler: Opens up your mind to big and brilliant ideas.

Top 5 features:

  1. Royal blue color that makes you feel like a king or queen.
  2. Puts a shield around your thoughts so you can stay positive.
  3. Helps you see things clearly, like a brain fog lift-off!
  4. Encourages honest and kind talking.
  5. It’s like a spotlight on your inner wisdom.

Five benefits:

  • Helps you feel confident in sharing your true thoughts.
  • Wraps you up in a vibe that’s all about peace and understanding.
  • Makes learning new things feel like a fun adventure.
  • Keeps your cool when others are losing theirs.
  • Gives you the “I’ve got this” feeling when facing challenges.

Two cons:

  • It’s a softer stone, so handle with care or it might chip.
  • Might feel too mellow if you’re after super-strong energy.

Who it’s game for:

Lapis Lazuli is perfect for dreamers, thinkers, and anyone hungry for knowledge.

It’s also a star player for speakers, teachers, or anyone who wants to connect deeply when they communicate.

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Jade: For prosperity and protection

Jade is like that best friend who always has your back and wants to see you win.

It’s super famous for bringing good luck and making sure you’re surrounded by nothing but the best vibes.

If you’re dreaming of a life full of abundance, Jade is like your personal cheerleader, helping you attract all the good stuff.

Why Jade is just plain awesome:

  • Luck magnet: It’s like a four-leaf clover you can keep in your pocket.
  • Protective buddy: Keeps you from tripping up on life’s rocky paths.
  • Money attractor: Who doesn’t want a stone that helps you get more moolah?

Top 5 features:

  1. Cool green color that’s easy on the eyes.
  2. Acts like a charm for pulling in prosperity.
  3. It’s like having a shield made of good fortune.
  4. Helps you make smart choices with your heart and wallet.
  5. Keeps the peace in your personal energy space.

Five benefits:

  • Makes you feel like you’ve got an invisible lucky charm.
  • Brings a peaceful, loving vibe wherever it goes.
  • Keeps you feeling safe from stuff that throws off your groove.
  • Helps you stay the course when you’re after big goals.
  • Gives your confidence a boost because you know you’ve got backup.

Two cons:

  • Real Jade can be a bit pricey due to its popularity.
  • It’s often imitated, so you’ve got to be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Who it’s rockin’ for:

Jade is a hit with entrepreneurs, artists, and really anyone who’s ready to level up in life.

It’s for the go-getters looking for an edge in luck and protection.

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Labradorite: For shielding against psychic attacks and misfortunes

Labradorite is like your personal magician, flashing colors and keeping you safe from sneaky energy zaps and frowns from fortune.

It’s a bit like wearing an invisible cape that keeps the bad stuff out and lets you carry on with being awesome.

Why Labradorite is pretty much a crystal rock star:

  • Psychic armor: Blocks the baddies before they can bug you.
  • Intuition enhancer: It turns up the volume on your gut feelings.
  • Transform-o-rama: Helps you become the best you by ditching the old, yucky vibes.

Top 5 features:

  1. Flashes of blue and green that are totally mesmerizing.
  2. Slams the door on energy vampires and downer vibes.
  3. Tunes in to your inner voice so you can trust yourself more.
  4. Keeps your aura squeaky clean and glittery.
  5. Encourages big-time personal growth and awesomeness.

Five benefits:

  • Keeps your energy tank full and focused.
  • Helps you see the signs that guide you to awesomesauce land.
  • Makes you feel strong against people sending negative juju your way.
  • Boosts your confidence when you’re stepping into new adventures.
  • Changes ‘meh’ feelings into ‘heck yeah, I got this!’ feels.

Two cons:

  • Might be a bit flashy for those who prefer low-key bling.
  • Can be harder to find genuine pieces since it’s so popular.

Who it’s perfect for:

Labradorite is amazing for dreamers, creators, and anyone ready to level up their life.

It’s also a big hit with folks who are sensitive to energy and want to stay protected while they explore the spiritual realm.

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Alternatives to Popular Protective crystals

Obsidian vs. Black Tourmaline: Comparing Energy Absorbers

Let’s talk about Obsidian and Black Tourmaline – they’re both like the cool bodyguards of the crystal world, but they’ve got their own special moves.

Obsidian is like a vacuum; it sucks up all the negative vibes and toxic junk that you don’t want hanging around.

It’s shiny and smooth, and it totally tells the truth, even when it’s tough.

Black Tourmaline, on the other hand, is like a big, sturdy shield.

It’s all about keeping you safe and grounded. It’s less about telling hard truths and more about making sure you feel solid and protected.

So, if you’re looking to really clean up your energy, Obsidian is the one to grab.

But if you’re more into feeling safe and keeping your feet on the ground, Black Tourmaline has got your back.

Choose Obsidian for:

  • Deep cleaning your vibes
  • Seeing what’s real, even if it’s a bit challenging
  • A glossy, fancy look

Pick Black Tourmaline for:

  • Strong protection and grounding
  • Making your space feel secure and comfy
  • A tough, ready-for-anything vibe

Both are super cool for anyone who’s into protecting their space and their spirit – just pick the one that matches how you want to feel!

Citrine vs. Amethyst: Positivity or Spirituality?

So, you’re choosing between Citrine, the sunshiny happy rock, and Amethyst, the chill purple pal.

They’ve both got superpowers, but they’re kind of like the sun and the moon – different vibes, but both awesome.

Citrine is all about the good times. It’s like having a little piece of sunshine that never sets.

If you want to feel like you’re getting a high-five from the universe, Citrine is your stone. It wants you to be happy, wealthy, and just all-around awesome.

Amethyst, though, is your go-to for zen moments. It’s not about flashy happiness; it’s about deep peace and spiritual vibes.

If you’re into meditation or just need a break from stress, Amethyst is like a best friend telling you to take a deep breath and relax.

So, what’ll it be?

Go for Citrine if you want:

  • A burst of joy and energy
  • A boost in feeling lucky and creative
  • A bright, shiny feeling that’s all about action

Choose Amethyst for:

  • Calming your mind and soothing your soul
  • Getting in touch with your spiritual side
  • A sense of protection while you dream big and sleep tight

Both stones rock in their own ways, and it just depends on whether you want to turn up the happiness or wind down and get your zen on!

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How to Use and Maximize the Benefits of Protection Gems

Setting Intentions with Your New Crystals

Setting intentions with your new crystals is like giving them a special mission just for you.

First, hold your crystal in your hands and take a deep breath.

Close your eyes and picture what you want it to help with.

The key is to be super clear, like telling a genie exactly what your wish is.

You can say something like, “Hey crystal, I really want to ace my tests,” or “Please help me chill out before I go to sleep.” It’s your crystal, so you can ask it to help with anything!

Feel the good energy coming from your heart all the way to the stone.

Remember, when you talk to your crystal, you’re kind of talking to yourself, too.

It’s a way to remind you what’s important and to keep your eye on the prize.

And the more you believe your crystals have got your back, the more awesome you’ll feel.

Top tips:

  • Be alone so you can focus and not get interrupted.
  • Make it cozy – light a candle or snuggle up in a blanket.
  • Stay positive and feel grateful for your cool new crystal friend.

Setting intentions is like making a pinky promise with your crystal, you’re both in it together to make something great happen!

Incorporating Gems into Everyday Life for Energy Defense

Adding gems to your everyday stuff is a snap, and it helps keep those good vibes rolling all day long.

Think of these precious stones as chakra jewelry, not only fashionable but also fostering energy balance throughout your day.

Wear ’em as jewelry – like rocking a cool bracelet or necklace – so you’ve got mini shields radiating protective energy, and you’re looking stylish to boot.

Or, toss an Obsidian stone in your pocket or backpack; it’s like carrying a personal shield against negative energies and EMF radiation, a secret power-up that nobody else knows about.

Place amethyst or clear quartz at your workspace to dispel negative vibes, promoting a sense of calm akin to a meditation altar.

Pop some on your desk or by your bed to make those spots super chill zones, perfect for healing and introspection.

It’s like having a no-worry zone all around you, or keep a gem in your car for those traffic jams that make you feel like yelling.

It’s all about the placement for creating comforting energy in high-stress environments.

And hey, for a crystal ritual, you can even sip on crystal vibes by putting stones like Clear Quartz into your water bottle!

Just make sure they’re the safe-to-touch water kind – it’s a form of hydration meets energetic cleansing.

Try it out:

  • Find a gem that matches your style and integrates it as chakra jewelry for ongoing protection and style.
  • Put a crystal where you hang out the most, like next to your gaming setup, to create an energetic grid of calm.
  • Whenever you find a quiet moment, hold onto your gem and just take a few deep breaths – a simple yet transformative crystal ritual for the day.

You’ll be zipping through your day with your crystals collecting all the good stuff and kicking the yuck to the curb!

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Raw Stones vs. Polished Gems: What’s More Powerful?

Choosing between raw stones and polished gems is like deciding between a wild safari adventure and a fancy VIP tour – they’re both amazing, just different styles.

Some folks believe raw stones, with their rugged edges and untouched vibes, have a super strong energy.

They’re straight from the ground, all natural, and people think they’re totally pure and mega powerful.

But others dig polished gems because they’re easy to carry and look super pretty.

Plus, when you use them for things like feeling better or meditating, they’re comfy to hold or place on your body, like little smooth worry stones.

Here’s the deal: It’s all about what you like best! If you’re wild about nature and want your crystals rough and ready, go with raw stones.

Or if you love a little sparkle and something that feels nice and silky, then polished gems are calling your name.

Either way, you’re getting a cool friend with vibes that suit you, and that’s what really matters.

FAQs on Protection Gems

Can protection gems help shield against electronic smog?

Yes, for sure! Some protection gems serve as a defense mechanism, safeguarding you from the unpleasant effects of electronic smog—a form of radiation that emanates from all our modern devices.

Black Tourmaline, renowned for its ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), stands out as a formidable ally in this regard.

By placing a piece near your phones, computers, and TVs, you’re creating an energetic barrier that mitigates the intrusive vibes, making your personal space more harmoniously aligned with your wellbeing.

Additionally, stones like Smoky Quartz can help shield you against this subtle, yet pervasive form of pollution.

How often should I cleanse my protection crystals?

You gotta give your crystals a bath sometimes, just like they’re your pets!

Try to cleanse them about once a month, or when you feel their energy getting icky.

It’s like hitting the reset button so they can keep working their magic for you without all the gunk they’ve picked up.

Are certain crystals more effective during specific lunar cycles?

Yup! Some crystals get an energy boost from different moon phases.

Like, the full moon is perfect for charging up your gems and making them extra zappy with good vibes.

It’s like they’re having a snack to power up. But no worries, your crystals will still be there for you no matter what the moon is up to!


In conclusion, crystals are like special buddies that can help keep bad vibes away.

Just like superheroes protect us in comic books, these sparkly stones are believed to act as guardians against negativity and evil.

People say that when you have them around, you might feel safer and more chill, like having a personal invisible shield!.

What’s not there to like? If you feel you’re in trouble. Don’t think twice and buy a crystal that suits your needs!

Kind regards,

Edwin van Vliet

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