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All About Gemstones

Best Wellness Crystals for Healing

Unlocking the Power of Crystals for Wellness

The Rising Popularity of Healing Stones

Since ancient times, folks have been all starry-eyed over the glitz and zing of stones and crystals. They say these shiny bits of Earth, now commonly referred to as crystal healing stones, come packed with healing juju and mystical vibes, much loved in many places around the world.

Indeed, some of the common healing crystals like Rose Quartz and Amethyst are believed to harbor vibrational energy conducive to wellness and positivity. The concept of energy healing stones suggests that by aligning your body’s energy with the specific vibrations of the stone, balance and healing can be promoted.

Sure, some might cast it off as hocus-pocus, but with the rising awareness of their healing properties, more and more people are jumping aboard the crystal healing train, exploring the healing benefits of gems like the master healing stone, like bloodstone.

How Crystals Healing Gems Enhance Your Wellbeing Journey

Well, here’s the cool thing about these twinkling treasures in the moonlight – they’re like pals that pep you up on your way to feeling tip-top.

These minerals are all about zapping the blues and some get your mind as sharp as a tack. People say they crank up the good vibes in your body, throwing the yucky energy right out the window. It’s like they’re a little cheer squad for your noggin, heart, and soul all rolled into one.

Top Healing gemstones to Elevate Your Wellness Routine

Amethyst: Serenity and Mental Clarity

Alright, let’s chat about Amethyst – it’s like the chill pill in the crystal world. People love it because it’s all about calming your mind and elevating your relaxation levels, making you as clear-headed as a sunny day.

When life hurls curveballs at you, Amethyst’s supportive vibration has got your back, promoting intuition and a peaceful mindset. It’s just the friend you need to effortlessly guide you into a state of serenity, helping you catch those Z’s at night. Plus, it’s pretty as a picture with its violet getup!

Why It Made the Best List:

  • Calms the storm inside your head so you can think straight and fosters a mindset conducive to healing.
  • Gussies up your space while it works its magic on you, channeling the healing energies of a master healing stone.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Known for booting out bad habits and reinforcing a positive mantra for life.
  2. A pro at making folks feel peaceful and connected with a sense of compassion.
  3. Sharpens your sixth sense, enhancing your intuition.
  4. Often linked to the noggin-topper chakra, which is central to our intuitive faculties.
  5. Packs a punch in ditching fears and sorrows, and is considered a natural healing tool.

Five Benefits:

  1. Helps you grab some winks when counting sheep won’t cut it, aiding relaxation and rest.
  2. Muffles the mental noise so you can hear your own thoughts and boosts your immune system.
  3. Gives a big bear hug to your troubled spirit, promoting healing and compassion.
  4. Might just crank up your psychic antennae, amplifying your intuition and insight.
  5. Insists on sharing the love and selflessness vibe, resonating with the healing energies of altruism and kindness.

Two Cons:

  • Might not make everyone’s skepticism vanish, especially if they’re not aligned with crystal healing philosophies.
  • Can be a bit of a dust collector if not cared for, which requires a regular relaxation ritual for both you and the stone.

Best For: Folks hunting for a bit of mental peace or anyone looking to ditch the wibbly-wobblies that get you down, while also benefiting from the broad healing properties of this master healing stone.

Clear Quartz: Master Healer and Energy Amplifier

Let’s shine a spotlight on Clear Quartz, the big boss of the crystal healing squad. Known as the master healing stone, Clear Quartz operates as a versatile healing tool, amplifying not only its own healing properties but also the benefits of surrounding crystals.

It’s like equipping yourself with the ultimate enhancer in energy healing, ensuring a boost in positivity and balance across all chakras.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • Talk about an energy upgrader! They take what you’ve got and amplify it, matching the surrounding vibration to create harmony.
  • They’re go-getters in helping you keep your cool or get a leg up on whatever you’re chasing, possibly enhancing your immune system and mindset.

Top 5 Features:

  1. They’re champs at mopping up bad vibes—master cleaners of your spiritual space.
  2. Can turn up the dial on other crystals’ superpowers, maximizing the healing properties of the ensemble.
  3. They keep the balance in your energy bank, acting like a universal donor in crystal healing.
  4. Super easy to pair with any other bling you’ve got, thanks to their harmonizing quartz benefits.
  5. They’re big into making your wishes come true, tapping into the law of attraction.

Five Benefits:

  1. They’re total ninjas at dusting off your mind cobwebs, clearing the path to a focused mindset.
  2. Keep your inner battery charged all day long, acting as a conduit for positive energy healing.
  3. They roll out the red carpet for new, happy thoughts, fostering a space for positivity and wellbeing.
  4. Wave bye-bye to stress, as their calming presence can help alleviate physical and emotional tension.
  5. Are like a BFF to every chakra you’ve H3: Clear Quartz: Master Healer and Energy Amplifier.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • Talk about an energy upgrader! They take what you’ve got and dial it up to eleven, enhancing overall positivity.
  • They’re go-getters in helping you keep your cool or get a leg up on whatever you’re chasing, embodying the crystal quartz benefits.

Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love and Emotional Healing

Alright, time to talk about Rose Quartz, the total sweetheart of the crystal crew. They’re like a cozy, warm hug for your heart—think all the fuzzy feelings of puppy love and butterflies, infused with healing energies that promote emotional well-being. If you’re looking to sprinkle a little more love in your life or soothe an achy-breaky heart, Rose Quartz is basically your new best bud, radiating warmth and compassion in every aspect.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re not just about bringing in romance; they spread all kinds of warm, fuzzy self-love and friendship.
  • They have a superpower for mending broken hearts and helping you trust the love vibes again, aligned with their healing benefits that encourage optimism.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Total pro at kicking negative energy to the curb, thanks to its vibration that resonates with positive frequencies.
  2. It’s the VIP for clearing up love life dramas, acting as a master healing stone for emotional balance.
  3. Big on promoting forgiveness, as it nourishes the heart with healing properties.
  4. Supercharges your heart chakra like you wouldn’t believe, elevating it to levels of higher compassion.
  5. Gets you on the express train to Peace Town, instilling a profound sense of positivity throughout your being.

Five Benefits:

  1. Puts you in tip-top shape for loving yourself and others, courtesy of its nurturing vibe.
  2. It’s like a peacemaker for your relationships, supporting you with its harmonious healing energies.
  3. Helps you dodge the nasty vibes and keep truckin’ with the good ones, fostering an environment ripe for healing and growth.
  4. They’re all about keeping the love juices flowing, enhancing your ability to connect and share warmth genuinely.
  5. Brings a sense of calm that’s better than a day at the spa, attributed to its profound healing properties that cleanse the soul.

Two Cons:

  • You can’t rush good things; patience is a must with Rose Quartz.
  • Some folks might need a bit more time to feel their magic, ensuring a gradual yet authentic experience with its healing energies.

Best For: It’s primo for anyone on the lookout for love or those healing from a love that got away. Also, if you’re just in it to love yourself a little more, they’ve got your back, supporting your journey with their compassion and master healing properties!

Black Tourmaline: Ultimate Protection and Grounding

Now let’s gab about Black Tourmaline, the big kahuna of crystal safeguarding. This stone’s your go-to guardian against all things icky and zappy – from bad juju to murky tech vibes.

It’s like having your own personal bouncer, keeping all the negative Nancy energy away so you can strut your stuff without a worry.

To maintain the protective power of Black Tourmaline, consider using it as a cleansing stone by placing it alongside cleansing crystals like quartz to rid your guardian stone of any negativity.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re the heavyweight champs at kicking negative energy to the kerb.
  • They double as an EMF blocker – how’s that for modern-age armor?

Top 5 Features:

  1. Known as a negativity vacuum cleaner – sucks it all up and keeps it away.
  2. Strongly linked with the root chakra so you stay grounded.
  3. Could be your shield in psychic battle royales.
  4. Loves to keep your space vibe-checked and chill.
  5. Plays defense against those pesky electromagnetic fields.

Five Benefits:

  1. Keeps you calm and collected, like you’ve got both feet on the ground.
  2. Low-key keeps you feeling safe and secure, like you got a personal bodyguard.
  3. Ditches the worry warts and brings out your inner steel.
  4. Helps clean the energy sludge around your tech gadgets.
  5. Perfect for a home guardian stone or a travel buddy.

Two Cons:

  • They tend to be kinda dusty and need regular sprucing up.
  • It’s a darker stone and might not fit the bill for lovers of light and shiny crystals.

Best For: Absolutely anyone looking to boogie through life without the bad vibes trouble – tech wizards, world wanderers, or your everyday peace-lover.

Citrine: Manifestation of Abundance and Joy

Citrine is like sunshine in a rock – it’s sparkling with good energy and has the power to light up your life with all the best vibes.

Think of it as your own personal cheerleader, heralding in an era of happiness and supporting you in setting powerful intention crystals toward achieving your greatest desires.

With its ability to kick out negative energy, Citrine fosters a go-getter attitude that is infectious in its positivity. If you want to high-five success and keep the abundance flowing, this gem

Why It Made the Best List:

  • It gets you grinning ear to ear with its sunshine vibes and the citrine benefits of promoting a positive mood.
  • They’re not just ornamental; they’re big on bringing a bounty of goodies your way, including a sense of peace and prosperity.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Attracts wealth like bees to honey and is known for opening the mind to beauty and intuition.
  2. It’s your go-to rock for a can-do, go-getter attitude.
  3. Zaps away the mood-dampeners and turns on the positive lights, helping with clear seeing.
  4. Helps untangle your noggin threads for clear thinking.
  5. Known for giving creativity a juicy boost and being a true standout among intention crystals.

Five Benefits:

  1. Keeps your pockets jingly with potential prosperity.
  2. Spreads optimism in your noggin like a happy virus and is essential for healing yourself from negativity.
  3. Keeps you snuggly wrapped in a warm, fuzzy energy blanket of happiness.
  4. Gets the mind juices flowing for fresh, sparky ideas.
  5. Helps you to stand tall and shine bright in a crowd, embracing the happiness that Citrine brings.

Two Cons:

  • If you’re not ready for a cheer-up, its energy might feel too peppy.
  • As a success magnet, it reminds you that you’ve got to put in the work to reap the rewards.

Best For: Dream chasers , money makers, and happy seekers who value citrine benefits. Those drawn to intention crystals will find that Citrine is an excellent companion for manifesting joy and abundance. If you’re aiming to bring more “kaching” and laughter into your life, Citrine’s your ride-or-die stone, acting as a magnet for prosperity, happiness, and peace.

Green Aventurine: Luck and Prosperity

Green Aventurine is like your lucky charm on game day, believed to sprinkle good fortune and loads of “cha-ching” into your life, much like the soothing energies of turquoise.

They don’t just sit pretty – they’re your pep squad when you need to get moving and shaking. Plus, this sparkly green buddy, alongside its turquoise companion, cheers for love in your life and clears the runway for take-off to success town! If you’re unsure about its powers, don’t be shy to ask for guidance from experts who appreciate its value.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re the star player when you’re reaching for the lucky stars.
  • Helps boost your get-up-and-go energy so you can grab life by the horns.
  • They have a rep for being the “gambler’s stone.”
  • Sparkles with creative vibes and bright ideas.
  • Said to be buddies with the heart chakra for lovey-dovey wins.
  • Rumored to wave off bad juju like a boss.
  • It’s like a four-leaf clover, but you don’t need to scour the fields to find it.

Top 5 Features:

  1. They have a rep for being the “gambler’s stone.”
  2. Sparkles with creative vibes and bright ideas.
  3. Said to be buddies with the heart chakra for lovey-dovey wins.
  4. Rumored to wave off bad juju like a boss.
  5. It’s like a four-leaf clover, but you don’t need to scour the fields to find it.

Five Benefits:

  1. You get to strut with confidence knowing luck’s got your back.
  2. It sprinkles a little extra green in your wallet.
  3. Encourages you to love life and find the good in others.
  4. The big cheese for decisive moves and clearing head cobwebs.
  5. Could turn you into a magnet for winning opportunities.

Two Cons:

  • Might make you too set on chasing luck instead of making smart plays.
  • Some may need extra convincing to feel its lucky charm.

Best For: Whether you’re gambling on a new venture, itching for a fresh romantic chapter, or just want more pep in your step, trust your intuition—your inner guidance system—and let Green Aventurine be the cheerleader for your aspirations!

Lapis Lazuli: Truth and Self-expression

Lapis Lazuli isn’t just another pretty face in the crystal gang. It’s like having the most honest friend in your pocket, one that taps into your intuition and pushes you to vocalize your deepest truths.

They help you belt out your truth like nobody’s business and encourage you to take the mic and share your story. With the healing energies of Lapis Lazuli working in your favor, you’re not only seen but heard in full high-definition clarity.

If you’ve got something to say, Lapis Lazuli is your go-to stage buddy—your guidance towards self-assertion.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • Makes you braver than a superhero when it’s time to speak up, harnessing the stone’s vibration to align with your inner strength.
  • Shines up your wisdom like a freshly waxed car so you can dazzle with smarts.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Tight with the throat chakra, so your words flow like a smooth melody, reflecting the stone’s healing properties for clear communication.
  2. Decked out in royal blue, making you feel like king or queen of the castle.
  3. Packs a powerful punch in sparking up your inner insights with its energy healing stone qualities.
  4. A top pick for artists and thinkers who wanna share their cool ideas.
  5. Renowned for its friendship-boosting magic, fostering heart-to-heart connections imbued with positivity.

Five Benefits:

  1. Your self-expression gets jazzed up to new heights, as Lapis Lazuli amplifies your voice with unwavering guidance.
  2. Helps you forge bonds with peeps based on real-deal honest talk.
  3. Plenty of encouragement for you to do you, without the stage fright.
  4. It’s your wingman in learning and noodling through puzzles, attracted to the stone’s transformative vibration.
  5. Tosses the double-talk and says hello to heart-to-heart connections, creating an aura of healing energies that nurtures genuine interactions.

Two Cons:

  • Might not vibe with the shy at heart right off the bat, as the stone’s energy calls for a leap into expressing inner truth.
  • Deep blue with gold flecks might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those in tune with its vibration find it irresistible.

Best For: Chatty folks or anyone with stuff to say that’s locked up tight. Artists, writers, and anyone reaching for the stars will dig Lapis Lazuli’s good vibes, as it embodies the healing properties and positivity that stimulate creative excellence.

Blue Lace Agate

Now for the peacekeeper of the bunch – Blue Lace Agate. With its soothing swirls of blue and white, it’s like Earth’s whisper calming the storms inside. If you’ve got a throat chakra itching for some TLC or need to untangle those tongue-tied moments, this stone’s like a gulp of cool water on a hot day.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • It’s a chatterbox’s best friend for clear and calm convo.
  • Spreads zen vibes that snuff out stress faster than you can say “Ahh.”

Top 5 Features:

  1. Crowned champ for soothing that throat chakra.
  2. They’re brainiacs at bringing out your most creative thoughts.
  3. Tosses the fear of being judged so you can strut your stuff.
  4. Loosens the lasso on anger and any grumpiness creeping up.
  5. Known to send all types of stress packing its bags.

Five Benefits:

  1. You’ll find gabbing a whole lot easier – say goodbye to those “erms” and “uhhs.”
  2. Turns your workplace into a no-bicker zone by keeping everyone chilled out.
  3. Creativity flows like a river in springtime.
  4. Confidence bubbles up, making you ready for the spotlight.
  5. It’s like a cool compress on life’s sprains and strains.

Two Cons:

  • If you’re looking for a power-packed crystal, this gentle gem might seem too soft.
  • It’s a delicate stone, so you’ll need to handle it with kid gloves.

Best For: Whether you’re a speaker, a thinker, or just big on keeping your cool, Blue Lace Agate is like your personal sherpa, guiding you up to the peak of peaceful expression.


Okay, so Obsidian is like the superhero of the crystal world, swooping in to shield you from bad vibes and emo ickiness. If you’ve got emotional clutter blocking your groove or you need some serious grounding, this shiny black stone’s your cleanup crew. They’re all about helping you find who you really are, minus the messy baggage.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re a top-notch negative energy bouncer.
  • Helps you see the real you in the mirror – no kidding around.

Top 5 Features:

  1. They’re pro-level at emotional detox – say bye-bye to the internal gunk.
  2. A bighearted buddy for the heart and root chakras.
  3. Rolls out the red carpet for new chances to grow.
  4. Truth serum – not the scary kind, but it helps you face your own tunes.
  5. Sticks to you like glue during transformations and changes.

Five Benefits:

  1. Clears your path from the hurdles of past boo-boos.
  2. Helps your heart keep ticking like the best drumbeat.
  3. Offers armfuls of bravery so you can tackle life head-on.
  4. Gives your journey through life a nudge in the adventurous direction.
  5. Protects your aura like a champ from yucky energy leaks.

Two Cons:

  • Might bring you face-to-face with truths you’re not ready to hug yet.
  • The dark, glossy surface gets fingerprint-y if you’re not wiping it down.

Best For: Adventurers at heart, anyone in the mood for a hearty dose of inner truth, or if you’re just hunting for a trusty emotion-guardian, Obsidian’s your rock.

Selenite: Spiritual Activation and Cleansing

Moving on to the luminous Selenite, it’s like the Swiss Army knife for your soul – helping to clear out the cobwebs and lighting up your spiritual 1-800 hotline.

It’s a master cleanser, swiping away the bad juju and making room for the high-vibe feelings. If you’re into meditation or just want to keep your aura sparkling, think of Selenite as your personal spirit guide in crystal form.

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re top-tier at scrubbing away the bad vibes, leaving you squeaky clean on the inside.
  • It’s the go-to wingman for your other stones, keeping them as zesty as lemonade.

Top 5 Features:

  1. A wiz at cleansing you and your gemstone gang.
  2. They’ve got a loyalty card with the crown chakra for spiritual supercharged networking.
  3. Shooing off the negative energy like it’s dust on your shoulder.
  4. High vibes only – it’s the mission statement for Selenite.
  5. Perfect for creating a tranquil, Zen-worthy space.

Five Benefits:

  1. Your mind gets a vacation-level chill, which is top-notch for stress squashing.
  2. All your other sparkly buddies stay pumped and ready thanks to Selenite’s charge-up skills.
  3. Helps make your meditation sesh epic – like, meet-your-higher-self epic.
  4. Sticks a force field around you that’s all about peace and calm.
  5. Invites inner balance to stay awhile and keep you steady as you go.

Two Cons:

  • A fragile heartthrob, Selenite might chip or scratch if you’re not super gentle.
  • It loves to hog the limelight, so balance it out with some grounding stones.

Best For: Whether you’re meditating to meet your higher self or just keeping your crystal crew in tip-top shape, Selenite is ready to roll up its sleeves!

Jade: Balance and Physical Health

Let’s chat about Jade, the gem that’s all about hitting the sweet spot in your life’s balance board, much like red jasper, which is also cherished for its grounding properties.

It’s sort of like having a spinach smoothie for your soul – packed with good stuff to keep you feeling spry and sparky. Not only is this stone known for its balance, but it’s also revered as a powerful healing tool, aligning with the body’s own

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re a total gym buddy for your wellbeing, always rooting for you, and incidentally, hailed for their healing properties which can reinforce your body’s natural defenses.
  • With Jade, it’s not just money in the bank; it’s peace and wisdom too, enveloping you in warmth and positivity.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Known as the talisman of health, wealth, and long life – the trifecta of awesome, and a beacon for healing energies that promote vitality.
  2. Buddies up with your heart chakra, keeping things pumping smoothly and enhancing relaxation.
  3. It’s a favorite for flushing out the icky stuff from your body – kind of like detox water.
  4. Helps you grow just like a plant – on the inside and towards the light, nurturing your spiritual well-being with its energy healing stone essence.
  5. Symbolizes purity, nurturing, and all-around good vibes, making it a cornerstone for those seeking to maintain a positive aura.

Three Benefits:

  1. Helps you feel like you’re sitting comfy in life’s driver’s seat, thanks to its grounding yet uplifting influence.
  2. Opens the wealth floodgates – ka-ching! – while also encouraging a steady flow of healing energies.
  3. It’s like a chill pill, keeping you mellow and bright.


  • You’ve got to be patient; Jade plays the long game.
  • It’s a subtle worker

Rutilated Quartz

Now, let’s get the lowdown on Rutilated Quartz, a real eye-catcher with shiny needle-like bits zipping through it. They’re not just for show – those golden streaks pack a big punch when it comes to whisking away bad moods and giving you a spiritual power wash.

If you’re dealing with a case of the blahs or some seriously dark clouds, Rutilated Quartz acts like your personal ray of sunshine, breaking through to lift your spirits up, up, up!

Why It Made the Best List:

  • They’re a choice pick for snapping out of funks and bidding farewell to the funkadelic vibes in your aura.
  • Rutilated Quartz is like the best kind of buddy – one that helps you kick those self-doubt gremlins to the curb.

Top 5 Features:

  1. They’re packing the energy to clean up your aura like a super-duper vacuum.
  2. Known for yanking out the roots of gloom and plugging in the light.
  3. Buddies with the solar plexus chakra, giving your willpower a mega boost.
  4. It’s a heavyweight when standing guard against other peeps’ crummy thoughts.
  5. It’s a pro at making you feel like you’re wrapped up in a cosmic snug blanket.

Five Benefits:

  1. Kisses your fears goodbye and tickles you with feather-light inspiration.
  2. Chucks the doom-and-gloom out on its ear and rolls out the red carpet for bright, shiny thoughts.
  3. Helps you reach for the stars with a sense of purpose that sticks like glue.
  4. It’s like having an “I am awesome” echo bouncing around in your skull.
  5. You’ll feel gung-ho about going after what makes your heart sing.

Two Cons:

  • It takes a tad for its superpowers to crank into gear.
  • Don’t drop it – those lovely rutilated bits are naturals at playing hide and seek if they chip off.

Best For: Soul searchers, glow-getters, and anyone ready to punch the gas pedal on their self-worth. If you’re chasing upbeat vibes and a shield from life’s under-the-weather moments, Rutilated Quartz is your gem.

Selecting and Using Your Healing Crystals

Tips on Choosing the Right Crystal for You

Picking the right sparkly sidekick isn’t rocket science. It’s all about tuning into your heart and seeing what feels right. Maybe one crystal makes your heart do a happy dance or catches your eye like glitter at a party. Or just keep it simple – think about what’s missing in your life and match it up with what the crystals say they’re good at. Sometimes, it’s as easy as “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

And don’t forget to ask for a helping hand if you’re in a shop. Those crystal wizards know their stuff and can steer you in the right direction!

Remember, there’s no wrong choice. If a crystal feels like it’s calling your name, go ahead and team up. Trust yourself – your gut knows the drill.

The Best Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Daily Life

Alrighty, adding these shiny friends to your day-to-day is as easy as pie. Pop ’em in your pocket or under your pillow, and boom – you’re in crystal city. You can jazz up your desk with a crystal buddy to keep the work vibes smooth.

Or hey, why not wear them? Some people swear by crystal necklaces or bracelets – they’re total fashion statements that pack a wellness punch!

Got a bath planned? Toss in a bath bomb with a smidge of crystal magic for some serious chillaxing. And if you’re big on yoga or meditation, keep a crystal nearby to help you stay zen and grounded.

Places around your home love crystal energy, too. A well-placed crystal can keep the good vibes rolling in like waves on the beach. It’s like having a good vibe plant that doesn’t need watering!

And remember, crystals are pals with other crystals, so team ’em up for an all-star squad of good energy!

Harnessing the Power Within: Combining Intention and Healing Stones

Setting Intentions: The Key to Maximizing Crystal Energy

Setting intentions is like giving your crystal a job to do, and let me tell you, they’re eager beavers. First off, hold your crystal and picture all the good stuff you want it to help you with.

Do you need a dollop of bravery, a sprinkle of love, or a big ol’ scoop of calm? Tell your crystal what you’re after, and it’s like you’re programming it to be your personal genie.

Here’s the trick though – be as clear as a shiny diamond. The clearer you are, the harder your crystal works for you. Think positive thoughts, ’cause these little gems are all about the good vibes.

And a pro tip: say your intention out loud three times – it’s like clicking the ‘save’ button on your wish.

Once you’ve got your crystal ready to rock (pun intended), keep it close by. Wear it, carry it, or tuck it under your pillow. You want it to catch all your good intentions day and night.

Set your intentions, and let your crystal be your personal cheerleader on your road to greatness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crystal to have with you at all times?

If you’re looking to have a crystal buddy around 24/7, Clear Quartz is your go-to. They call it the “Master Healer,” and it’s like the MVP of crystals. It works with any vibe you’re aiming for and gives a little pep to any other crystals hanging around. Plus, it’s super easy to find and fits with anything you got on!

How do I know if a crystal is right for me?

Oh, it’s simple – trust your gut! If a crystal catches your eye or makes your heart feel like it’s getting a hug, that’s the one. Your inner vibes know what’s up, so if you feel pulled to a shiny stone, it’s probably a match. And hey, if you’re still on the fence, chat with the crystal pros at the shop.

How often should I cleanse my healing crystals?

For keeping your sparkly pals in tip-top shape, give ’em a good cleanse at least once a month. And hey, if you’re wearing crystal jewelry and it starts looking a bit meh, that’s your cue to freshen it up too.

Can healing crystals help with specific physical ailments?

Well, while loads of people say they feel better with crystals around, there’s no science saying they’re a cure for aches or ills. Always listen to your doc for health stuff, okay? Crystals are more like cheerleaders on the sidelines, not the main player on the field. They can be part of the squad that includes all the advice your healthcare pro gives you.

Are there any risks associated with using healing crystals?

Using crystals is mostly safe as houses, so long as you’re not chucking aside doctor’s orders for them. Just don’t go swallowing them or anything wild like that, and if you’re using them in elixirs, make sure the stones aren’t the toxic type. It’s all about adding to your wellness routine, not ditching the basics.

With kind regards,

Edwin van Vliet

Picture of Edwin van Vliet

Edwin van Vliet

Edwin van Vliet is a seasoned life coach with an unwavering passion for the transformative potential of crystals and gemstones in healing. At 43 years old, and with his 16 years of experience, Edwin's journey to becoming a life coach was marked by his own personal healing experiences. Through extensive therapy and the supportive energy of crystals, he not only discovered his true potential but also found a deep passion for guiding others on their paths to self-discovery.

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