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Tanzanite Meaning? Power Crystals, Healing Properties, Uses!
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Tanzanite Crystal Meaning, Uses and Healing Properties

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a jaw-dropping, gem-quality stone known for its mesmerizing light blue crystals and remarkable metaphysical properties. 

This ultra-rare gemstone was unearthed from the mirage of colors that is the Merelani Hills, sitting at the base of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in the heart of East Africa, back in 1967. 

Notably a transformational gemstone, Tanzanite can stimulate psychic abilities, facilitate inner tranquility, and dissolve outdated patterns. 

Celebrating a 24th anniversary? Turn to Tanzanite, a profound symbol of rarity and unique beauty.

Chemical ClassificationSilicate
Chemical FormulaCa Al Si 12 (OH)
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
ColorBlue to violet-blue
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
OccurrenceFound in the Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania
FormationFormed by metamorphism of the mineral zoisite in the presence of vanadium and other trace elements
DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
Mohs Hardness6.5 – 7
Specific Gravity2.60 – 2.65
Diagnostic PropertiesPleochroism, Dispersion
Chemical CompositionCalcium aluminum silicate
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial negative
Refractive Index1.691 – 1.700
Birefringence0.008 – 0.012
2V angle24° – 28°
Other characteristicsFluorescent, Pleochroic, Ultraviolet radiation sensitive

Historical Significance and Legend of Tanzanite

Ooooh, here’s where the story gets interesting about the Tanzanite meaning. Are you privy to how Tanzanite, a gift from the gods according to popular legend, came to be? 

Let’s take a timeout to delve into this riveting narrative…

 As the legend goes, centuries ago, Masai cattle herders, renowned warriors really, were simply out with their herds when they chanced upon some shiny blue zoisite crystals nestled in the terrain. 

Quite the unearthed treasure, wouldn’t you agree?

Being men of the land and loyal community members, they promptly alerted the local prospectors (undoubtedly, heroes of this story). Rising to the challenge, the prospectors took to extracting Tanzanite from the

Formation and Science of Tanzanite

Hold onto your hats, because this is when things get ROCKin’ (see what I did there? ). So, Tanzanite’s journey started 585 million years back, with hints of violet in its sparkle evoking a sense of timelessness. 

Imagine, if you can, a time when dinosaurs hadn’t even been dreamt of yet.

Tanzanite, primarily blue Zoisite minerals, a calcium aluminum silicate, was produced through a geological process known as metamorphism, where our humble mineral zoisite underwent a complete regeneration due to hefty amounts of heat and pressure. 

The vanadium found within the rocks gave Tanzanite that snazzy blue-violet shade, or light violet it’s super famous for, with its crystal system adding to its uniqueness.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Tanzanite drags along its buddies – like quartz, mica, and garnet – when it forms. So, they’re like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and the gang from ‘That 70’s Show’ of the mineral world with their own twist of violet hues.

Fun fact, the largest Tanzanite chunk ever discovered weighed a whopping 16,839 carats and was found in Tanzania in 2005. 

That’s like finding the blueberry at the bottom of your muffin, and that’s bigger than the muffin! But with a gorgeous hint of the most coveted violet gemstone. Crazy, right?

And get this, our rockstar Tanzanite is a true ‘one location’ gem—found solely in the Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania, where its unique sparkle radiates.

Types, Colors, and Hardness of Tanzanite

Prepare your seatbelts for a galactic ride in the world of Tanzanite. You better believe it, this indigo wonder, soggy with a bluish-violet hue, comes with more plot twists than a season finale of “Stranger Things”.

Tanzanite, or the violet gem as it is often referred to, generally it holds an extraordinary claim to fame: *cue dramatic drumroll…Pleochroism. 

Pleochroism is the term used to describe its exceptional characteristic of appearing as more than one color –ranging from purple, grey, and blue to violet when viewed from different angles. It’s like experiencing a 4D movie without the glasses!

This shade of Tanzanite is an amethyst blue coupled with a violet tinge worthy of a Tiffany & Co endorsement. For some crystal freaks, the twilight hue is likened to lavender.

As I said, the Tanzanite color often appears as a beautiful lavender to indigo under artificial light, and this plays a significant role in its price tag. A perfect blue brilliant hue in 5, 10, or 20 carats can rival the value of a mega yacht.

When it comes to hardness, Tanzanites aren’t exactly the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the jewels. Its Mohs hardness level stands at 6.5, making it relatively delicate compared to diamond-strong gemstones. 

Tanzanite gemstone for Physical Healing

Ready for some mystical fireworks? Tanzanite’s physical healing properties are truly enchanting. Conjuring a sense of warmth, this healing stone, hailed as the gemstone of the 20th century, unfolds its magic. 

Tanzanite’s physical healing properties are known to have a profound effect on the mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall well-being and balance.

  1. Immune System & Vitality Booster: Dazzle with Tanzanite; it’s your powerhouse of vitality. This healing crystal guide’s secret hero assists your immune function, raises energy levels, and promotes cell regeneration, fortifying your skin and hair. It might even protect against the side effects of certain medical or surgical interventions. [Eason, 221]
  2. Psychological Disorders, Stress Reliever, and Chronic Alcoholism: In the grasp of stress? Tanzanite can relieve it, infusing you with the calmness of a tranquil mountaintop. This wondrous healer of both body and mind could help with psychological disorders, ease nervous tension, and even contribute to curing chronic alcoholism when used with counseling. [Megemont, 174-175]

While these insights aren’t scientifically proven, they’re fascinating to know! Partake in the depth of this mystical healing stone.

Don’t forget, if Tanzanite fails to tantalize you, our healing crystal guide offers a variety of stones that might just call to your intellect.

Tanzanite and its Spiritual healing Energy

Let’s get groovy and ride the spiritual, wavy hippie healing train with Tanzanite. These sparkling gems, energized with the essence of strong crystal energy, aren’t just about physical enhancements; they’re gates to spirituality and a stepping stone to happiness.

  1. Concentration and Communication: Tanzanite crystals are popular in spiritual and shamanic practices, and are social butterflies compared to other introverted stones. They aren’t just about looking good. They purportedly assist in honing our senses for better consciousness, communication, and focus. With the potential to open communication channels with higher realms like angels and guide your path to enlightenment, Tanzanite might just become your new spiritual mentor!
  2. Wisdom and Self-Awareness: Who needs a shrink when you’ve got Tanzanite? Jokes apart, this radiant stone, believed to generate happiness and provide insight into emotional issues, purportedly instills great wisdom and self-awareness in the user. The claim is that it helps you understand your existence’s purpose and realize what fuels your spirit. Tanzanite, not exclusively associated with any zodiac sign but soothing for Pisces and Aries, might just be the tool you need to break free! 

How does Tanzanite enhance Chakra healing and balancing?

Ready to ride the crazy energy wave? Brace up, for Tanzanite, a fascinating violet crystal, is believed to take chakra balance and healing to a whole new level, promoting an environment of tranquility and calm. 

The Third Eye Chakra, as I’m sure you still recall from your yoga teacher’s class, is the hub of intuition and spiritual consciousness. 

Tanzanite, a gemstone known for its powerful effects on the chakras, allegedly forges a connection with this specific chakra, orchestrating a spiritual symphony that could amplify your intuitive foresight.

Doesn’t that prospect simply sparkle with mystic allure, almost like the iridescence of your zodiac sign?

Next up is the Throat Chakra, the ambassador of communication…

Tanzanite is thought to liaison with this chakra with ease, facilitating fluid conversation with yourself and others – as effortlessly as your favorite radio host weaves their narrative. This crystal also affects the heart chakra.

What about emotional healing?

Pull up a comfy seat, because Tanzanite’s popularity is like the friendly therapist of the gemstone world, according to old wives’ tales.

Panic and Anger Control: Anger Issues? Panic Attacks? This stone got you covered. The vibrations are said to be soothing, slowing down those rapid heartbeats and furious red-misted moments. It’s like that friend who always knows how to calm you down.

Stress, Anxiety & Grief: Tanzanite is believed to not just amplify your feel-good vibes but also cap the Blues. In crystal lore, it’s like the superhero swooping in to save you from the evil clutches of stress, anxiety, and grief.

Remember fellow human beings, crystals are more like little magic helpers and not miracle workers. Seek real help when needed!

Metaphysical Journey – Connecting, Uses, and Purpose of Tanzanite

Ever heard of versatility? Tanzanite’s got it by the bucket load, but there’s more to it than meets the eye! This bluish-violet pleochroic crystal, touted as the most beautiful gemstone discovered in the last two centuries, offers several uses beyond adding an aesthetic appeal. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s explore its world!

Dazzling Jewellery: From earrings dazzling in royal courts to neckpieces gracing red carpet gowns, Tanzanite has tickled the fancy of jewelers and fashionistas globally. 

As a mesmerizing violet gem, its eye-catching hues not only complement your outfit but can also turn heads, igniting conversations!

Amulets and Talismans: While some prefer traditional rabbit’s foot for luck, others turn to Tanzanite owing to its transformative gemstone properties. Known for infusing users with strength and aiding recovery, Tanzanite is a popular choice for those seeking exceptional amulets and talismans. Remember, this is all steeped in legendary lore!

Meditation and Healing: Call upon Tanzanite to channel your inner Zen master! Prized among meditation circles, Tanzanite is known in Feng Shui practice for invoking peace, stillness, and reflective prayer and thought. Allegedly, these shiny stones align your physical, emotional, and spiritual planes, fostering self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Collector’s Delight: Just as comic books or vintage cars thrill collectors, Tanzanite is an alluring draw for gemstone enthusiasts. Its pleochroic nature, combined with the limited geographical availability in the enchanting world of Tanzanite, offers exciting collection prospects.

Remember, Tanzanite is rare and precious. Much like individual pieces of art, each carries a unique character and charm that deserves appreciation.

Investigating the Mystical Powers of Tanzanite

Let’s venture into the mystical abyss with Tanzanite, shall we? This rare violet-blue gemstone, also known as a violet stone, carries more fairytale legends than most! It’s not just a pretty face but a conduit for spiritual quests.

Tarot Card & Psychic Boost: Move over, Harry Potter, Tanzanite’s got this! Not only is clairvoyance and psychic powers said to be amplified by this gem, but it’s also deemed a great amulet when working with tarot cards. Looking for symbols in dreams or astral travels? Tanzanite, your blue-veiled guide, is here for you!

Spiritual Communication & Lightning Connection: Welcome to your cosmic calling, Tanzanite! With high vibrations, this stone allegedly empowers connections to spirit guides, angelic beings, cosmic entities, and clairaudience. Its discovery story involving a transformation by lightning only adds to its mystical aura.

Claim Your Power with Tanzanite Feng Shui: This gemstone is the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker. It is said to align you with the universe, boosting your latent power. Try incorporating Tanzanite into your feng shui practice for moments of peace, stillness, and reflective thought.

Remember, navigating these mystical Sagittarius waters requires skepticism since these claims lack scientific support.

Meditation and Grounding with Tanzanite

Wondering how to use Tanzanite for meditation and grounding? Well, you can integrate it into your spiritual journey not only due to its meditative properties but also due to its potential in tanzanite feng shui practices.

Meditating for Higher Consciousness: Tanzanite, the ‘spiritual spaceship’, is beloved among crystal fans for its high vibrational energy, which is said to amplify deep, profound meditations, aid in accessing altered states of consciousness, and provide a calming, peaceful energy when placed according to tanzanite feng shui tenets. Additionally, it is believed to have a special connection to the angelic realm.

Grounding with Tanzanite: Furthermore, pairing Tanzanite with a grounding stone like Hematite can balance the high vibrations Tanzanite releases. Hematite’s magnetic ability pulls these elevated energies into our physical realm, keeping us grounded while still letting us wander the higher astral planes. This cool coupling of energies reflects the balanced spiritual practice feng shui promotes.

Lastly, don’t forget old reliable; proper breathing, a peaceful environment, and the profound influence of tanzanite feng shui are the keys to relieving migraine headaches during any fulfilling meditation session.

Wearing Tanzanite Jewelry

Boy, oh boy, are we in for a treat! Time to talk about wearing Tanzanite jewelry, and by golly, it’s a stunner. These brilliant pieces often transmute from lilac-blue to sapphire blue, offering a visual feast for the eyes.

Scar From Lion King Wears Tazanite: Quite a headline, huh? Just kidding! But, Darlings, wearing Tanzanite is an unforgettable experience. As rings, they can light up the path during grand gestures or simple declarations of love. What’s more, Tanzanite rings can be effortlessly combined with diamonds, blue topaz, or vibrant sapphire blue gemstones for a uniquely stunning appearance. 

As earrings, besides serving as rumored guardians of your spiritual connections, their cool quartz crystal-like color even brings the focus to your eyes.

Necklaces, where it’s at: Hear about emotional healing? A Tanzanite necklace worn near the heart is often believed to promote compassionate energies and, some say, aid in emotional healing. Need a gift for your crush? Perhaps, a Tanzanite paired with other precious gemstones for example as brow accessories!

Bracelets, a Fashion Statement: Bracelets carry that hip cool vibe around them. Wearing a Tanzanite bracelet, particularly on the left hand, is said to aid in receiving energy. But most importantly, it’s such a pretty sight to behold, especially when paired with high-vibration stones like Herderite or Herkimer Diamonds.

Enjoy wearing your Tanzanite, folks, not for its alleged powers, but for its undeniable beauty and sky-high cool factor that shifts from lilac-blue to deep blue-violet, just like a sapphire blue gem.

How to Care for and Cleanse Tanzanite Stones

First, remember to keep Tanzanite away from any harsh cleaning chemicals, ’cause they can damage its surface and mess up its color. It’s like bathing a cat. 

Tanzanite doesn’t like it, and it might never forgive you…

To clean your Tanzanite, all you need is some mild soap and warm water. A bit like washing your hands, but instead, it’s a precious gemstone. Use a soft brush and gently scrub the stone as if it’s a treasured piece of art (which it is!).

After the cleaning party, rinse your Tanzanite with lukewarm water making sure all soap residue is washed off. It’s like giving it a spa day – You want it to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Once done, pat it dry, sweetly, and gently, using a soft, lint-free cloth. Treat it like a newborn puppy drying off after its first bath. The result – a happy, shiny Tanzanite!

When it comes to storing your Tanzanite, you should keep it alone, kind of like a hermit in its cave. It’s a delicate stone and can easily scratch if it rubs shoulders with other all-star gemstones you might have.

So folks, that’s your 101 guide on Tanzanite crystals. Embrace its cool powers in your everyday life and take care of it with our top-notch tips. Knowing its strength and how to keep it clean and intact will surely fill your life with beauty and magic. Remember, the better you take care of your Tanzanite, the more it’ll look after you. Happy crystal life, amigo!

How to use Tanzanite Stones?

Oh, you glittery, shiny Tanzanite stone, you’re more than just a pretty face! You see, buddy, these gems have this crazy ability to lure us in with their mystical charm. But hey, I bet you’re wondering why you should welcome them into your life, right? 

Okay, sit tight and get rid of any distractions. Yes, that means put that wine glass on pause—because I’m about to spill the beans on why and how to use Tanzanite stones!

You can say hello to a more harmonious home or office by simply placing Tanzanite around. Yup, just like that! Got some healing practices? Well, good news, because you can include Tanzanite in those too!

“Oh no, my precious Tanzanite got dirty!” I hear you! But don’t worry, you can make it sparkle again using a little undramatic method. Mild soap, some water, and a soft brush, that’s all you need. Just remember, don’t plunge it entirely in water; it’s not a great swimmer. And don’t forget to get rid of all the soap suds with clean water, or else you’ll have a soapy, slippery gem! [insert funny picture of a Tanzanite covered in bubbles].

“But what if it needs some major spring cleaning?” Good point! Maybe your Tanzanite needs to recharge its powers. Here’s where “cleanse” comes in. 

You can make it go sage-smudging, give it a small shower, or let it have an “earth spa.” Want something hassle-free? Just chuck it on a bed of quartz crystals or dump it in a bowl of sea salt. It’s like a trip to a 5-star Gemspa!

“If my Tanzanite had a superpower, what would it be?” Woah, slow down there, kiddo. Your Tanzanite holds lots of superpowers. Its voltage isn’t just physical; it’s spiritual too! This amazing gem can turn you into Professor X (okay, fine, maybe not, but it does boost your psychic abilities). Plus, it can make your meditation so deep, that you’ll start levitating in no time… Just kidding! But hey, it ain’t joking around about promoting spiritual growth.

Whether it’s something to jazz up your appearance, spice up your décor, or ramp up your meditation game, Tanzanite is the way to go. Its spiritual, healing, and metaphysical properties can give you the edge you need. So how about getting yourself one of these bad boys, eh? 

So, there you have it. Not only do you now know how to use Tanzanite, but you’ve learned why Tanzanite is the gemstone of the in-crowd. Now go ahead and get one. Who knows, you might even start feeling like a superhuman!

Conclusion Tanzanite

Alrighty, fellow high viber. You’ve been cruisin’ with me through Tanzanite land and seriously, it’s been a fun ride! So, what have we learned, you ask? Let me sum it all up for you, like a sweet candy wrapper.

Tanzanite, that cool blue-purple gemstone is really more than just a bling-bling accessory. It’s like a Swiss army knife of power crystals (but way prettier!). 

It’s got some serious energy vibes that can touch your life in more than one way. Clearing your negativity like a superhero, guiding you like your life coach, and soothing you like your favorite teddy bear.

Don’t believe me? Just wrap your fingers around a Tanzanite and it’s meaning, mate. You’ll feel its healing properties like…bam!

See what I mean? It’s going to lend you courage, clear up your communication, and reduce your stress quicker than you can say ‘tanzanite’!

And the benefits, oh the benefits! You’ll feel more relaxed than a cat in the sunshine, and let’s not forget to find your focus! Like the Batman of gemstones, Tanzanite is there to guide you through all your existential crises.

After all this, if you’re not already on your way to get your own Tanzanite, I don’t know what will! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want a stone that doubles up as a fashion accessory and a life coach all in one?

So, my amigo, go get your own Tanzanite, experience its amazing powers, and cruise through life like a champ! [Insert funny GIF of dancing with Tanzanite]

That’s all for now, though. Stay tuned and keep on rockin’!

To your healing,

Edwin van Vliet

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