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Pearl Farms of the World: Full List

Worldwide Distribution of Pearl Farms

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   South Seas Perals

Active Pearl Farm Regions Worldwide

Have you ever wondered where those beautiful pearls come from? Currently there are several major pearl-producing nations and pearl cultivation regions, plus a host of other counties with operational and/or historic pearl production regions. This section contains satellite imagery of all major worldwide pearl producers.

The list also contains small regional 'boutique' pearl producers, pearl farm operator info, links to satellite images of the pearl production (where available), and any relevant geographic data.



  1. Zhejiang Pearl Farms: Freshwater farms on the Changjiang delta map .


  1. Liusha Gang Pearl Farms: County of Akoya Pearls on Leizhou Peninsula map .
  2. Beihai Pearl Farms: Beihai & Hepu farms in Guangxi Province map .



  1. Lake Biwako Pearl Farms: Located on island of Honshu near Kyoto map .
  2. Lake Kasumigaura Pearl Farms: Located in Ibaraki Prefecture map .


  1. Ishigaki Pearl Farms: Located in Okinawa prefecture map .
  2. Ago Bay Pearl Farms: Located in Mie prefecture on Shima Peninsula map .
  3. Ojima Pearl Farms: Now Mikimoto Pearl Island map .

South Seas

Western Australia

  1. Broome Pearl Farms: Located on north Western Australia coast map .
  2. Friday Island Pearl Farm: Located in Arafura Sea, Far North Queensland map .


  1. Bali Pearl Farms: Buleleng District Gerokgak, near Penyabangan Village map .
  2. Banggai Pearl Farms: Banggai Archipelago in Sulawesi map .
  3. Lombok Pearl Farms: West Nusa Tenggara Barat map .
  4. Aru Island Pearl Farms: Located in Moluccas archipelago map .
  5. Ambon Pearl Farms: Located in Seram island group, Moluccas map .
  6. Togian Pearl Farms: Togian Island on Tomini Bay in Sulawesi map .
  7. Alyui Bay Pearl Farms: Irian Jaya, West Papua Province map .


  1. Mergui Pearl Farms: Pearl Islands in Mergui Archipelago map .


  1. Busuanga Pearl Farm: Lamud Island located in Palawan, Southern Tagalog map .
  2. Samal Pearl Farm: Samal Island in Southern Mindanao map .
  3. Zamboanga Pearl Farm: Located on Zamboanga Peninsula, Western Mindana map .

Tuamotu Archipelago

  1. Manihi Pearl Farms: Located on motus of Tuamotu map .
  2. Tikehau Pearl Farms: Located on motus of Tuamotu map .
  3. Hikueru Pearl Farms: Located on motus of Tuamotu map .

French Polynesia

  1. Huahine Pearl Farms: Huahine island map .
  2. Raiatea Pearl Farms: Raiatea island map .
  3. Rangiroa Pearl Farms: Rangiroa island map .
  4. Tahaa Pearl Farms: Tahaa island map .



  1. Keehi Pearl Farm: Located in Keehi lagoon on Oahu map .
  2. Keahole Pearl Farms: Located off Keahole Point on Kohala Coast map .


  1. Tennessee River Freshwater Pearl Farm: On Kentucky Lake and Birdsong Creek map .

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